The flora of the island are Mediterranean. The most interesting plant is the citiso delle Eolie or ‘sgurbiu’, a leguminous plant representing 60% of the species worldwide.
Other typical plants:
Cisto or ‘ruseddu’; Mugweed dor ‘ierva janca’; Scented broom or ‘frasca’; Tyrrhenian broom or ‘fascina’; Euforbia Arborescente; Canna or “cannizzula” (used in the past to delimit the vineyards or windbreakers, it has now invaded a large area of the terrain, especially in the area above Labronzo point); Holm-oak or “ilici”.

Fauna are very scarce on Stromboli, but some very interesting species can be found, like the Aeolian lizard, which lives on the islet of Strombolicchio.
Other vertebrates: Biacco; Buzzard; Kestrel; Queen’s falcon; Royal mediterranean gull; Barbagianni; Assiolo; Imperial raven; Rabbit.