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Flora And Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Paesaggio Stromboli
Fiori Stromboli
Fiore Cappero Stromboli

The flora of the island are Mediterranean. The most interesting plant is the citiso delle Eolie or ‘sgurbiu’, a leguminous plant representing 60% of the species worldwide.
Other typical plants:
Cisto or ‘ruseddu’; Mugweed dor ‘ierva janca’; Scented broom or ‘frasca’; Tyrrhenian broom or ‘fascina’; Euforbia Arborescente; Canna or “cannizzula” (used in the past to delimit the vineyards or windbreakers, it has now invaded a large area of the terrain, especially in the area above Labronzo point); Holm-oak or “ilici”.

Fauna are very scarce on Stromboli, but some very interesting species can be found, like the Aeolian lizard, which lives on the islet of Strombolicchio.
Other vertebrates: Biacco; Buzzard; Kestrel; Queen’s falcon; Royal mediterranean gull; Barbagianni; Assiolo; Imperial raven; Rabbit.

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