Project Description

Stromboli All Inclusive

Stromboli All Inclusive is the best choice for those who want climb Stromboli volcano. The offer include the hike to the summit craters of the volcano, the equipment needed to tackle the excursion and an overnight stay on a private room.


Hiking excursion plus equipment

From May to September


The all-inclusive solution that includes an overnight stay in Stromboli in a private room, the hike to the volcano and the excursion equipment.


Choice of overnight stay on a private room close to the hydrofoil pier and the beautiful black volcanic sandy beaches of Scari and Forgia vecchia.


Included the hike with volcanological guide up to the maximum allowed altitude


  • Trekking shoes with socks
  • Flashlight (one per person with spare batteries)
  • Safety helmet if necessary

Required to bring on your own a spare cotton t-shirt, a pullover and a windbreaker (k-way)