Project Description

Stromboli craters hike

Book the group hike and climb the craters of Stromboli volcano, the most fascinating excursion of the Aeolian Islands. Guided by an Alpine or Volcanological Guide, you will reach the maximum authorized altitude of 400 meters to admire the Strombolian activity of the volcano, explosions of incandescent magma at regular intervals, produced by the active craters of Stromboli volcano.

  • Crater erupt lava
  • escursionisti che guardano le esplosioni del vulcano
  • Crateri del vulcano che esplodono
  • Escursionionisti che camminano in montagna di notte
  • cratere di stromboli che esplode

Medium difficulty

4 hours lenght

Price per person € 25

From May to September


Access to the volcano is allowed to a limited number of groups per day. For availability reasons, it is therefore advisable to book the climb in advance.

The climb includes the Volcanological Guide with reservations required. The climbing cost is € 25 per person.

The departure time varies according to the season, usually about 2 hours before sunset. It starts from our office in Via Pizzillo a few steps from the hydrofoil pier and it takes, including intermediate stops, about 2 hours to reach the maximum authorized altitude of 400 meters.

1 hour stay in front of the active craters to admire the explosions of the volcano and the sunset on the sciara del fuoco.

The descent path allows you to reach the town of Stromboli in about 1h30.


  • Trekking shoes with socks are essential
  • Flashlight (one per person with spare batteries)
  • A spare cotton T-shirt
  • Pullover and windbreaker (k-way)


Climb with light equipment and cover yourself on the top where there is almost always wind. Packed lunch, fruit, biscuits, chocolate and at least one litre of water per person (in summer lemons are excellent thirst-quenching). Do not wear contact lenses.


The climb expecially for those that are not used to walk in the mountains is not of short duration. There is a vertical drop of 400 meters, often with steep steps and sections covered with sand and volcanic ashes, where it is quite hard to proceed. For some people it is a considerable effort to deal with in the best physical condition and with suitable hiking equipment.

The departure of the excursion is confirmed upon reaching 10 participants


      • Chi soffre di disturbi cardiaci o fisici in generale (asma bronchiale, diabete, vertigini, etc.).
      • Donne in gravidanza
      • Minori non accompagnati
      • Escursionisti privi dell’equipaggiamento necessario alla scalata
      • Chi indossa scarpe da tennis (ammesse esclusivamente le scarpe da trekking, sia basse che alte ma con suola a carro armato in vibram o simili)
  • For safety reasons, based of the local ordinance issued by the Municipality of Lipari, the Volcanological Guide may exclude from the group those people who, at its sole discretion, will not be considered suitable to tackle the climb on the volcano.